ValueAct Partners, LP, United States of America (for the FTC)

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United States of America, Plaintiff, v. ValueAct Capital Partners, L.P., Defendants
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Civil Penalty (7a)

Case Summary

In December 2007, the Commission challenged ValueAct Captial Partners’ violations of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Pre-Merger Notification Act’s filing requirements related to the acquisition of stock in three companies, Gartner, Inc., Catalina marketing Group, and Acxiom Corp. The firm previously violated the HSR filing requirements in 2003, and after making corrective filings, and agreeing to put HSR safeguards into place to ensure compliance with the filing requirements, the Commission decided to take no action. However, ValueAct failed to enact the necessary preventative measures and again violated the HSR filing requirements with its aforementioned acquisitions resulting in the Commission seeking civil penalties in the amount of $1.1 million.