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These label templates can be used to create model-specific Lighting Facts labels for light bulbs. To download, click the appropriate label link below, and when prompted, save the file with the extension, ".zip".

Questions about the labels? Check out The FTC “Lighting Facts” Label: Questions and Answers for Manufacturers.


Insert the correct energy, cost, and any other model-specific information for your particicular model on the labels.

Place the color templature of your product at the appropriate location along the range.

Label Templates

General Service Lamps Lighting Facts Label
Front Labels




Back Labels

Standard - no mercury

Standard - mercury - Energy Star qualified*

Wide - no mercury

Wide - mercury - Energy Star qualified*

Tall - no mercury

Tall - mercury - Energy Star qualified*

Linear - mercury**

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Labels

Front Label - horizontal

Front Label - vertical

Back Label - mercury - Energy Star qualified*

* Labels with the Energy Star logo may ONLY be used on qualified models that Energy Star has listed on its website. Visit for qualifications and qualified products.
** The linear format label can be used only If the total surface area of the product package available for labeling is less than 24 square inches and the package shape or size cannot accommodate the standard label.

Web Button (icon)

Download and use this web button (icon) to link your product’s energy information. For more on the FTC’s revised labeling requirements, see the Energy Labeling Rule 16 CFR Part 305.

Lighting Facts - Click for this light bulb's energy information

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