Recent Economic Issues at the FTC

These annual articles discuss some of the recent economic issues that the Bureau of Economics has worked on.

Economics at the FTC: Physician Acquisitions, Standard Essential Patents, and Accuracy of Credit Reporting

Julie A. Carlson, Leemore S. Dafny, Beth A. Freeborn, Pauline M. Ippolito, Brett W. Wendling

Economists at the Federal Trade Commission pursue the agency’s competition and consumer protection missions. In this year’s essay, with respect to antitrust we discuss the analysis that is used in...

Economics at the FTC: The Google-DoubleClick Merger, Resale Price Maintenance, Mortgage Disclosures, and Credit Scoring in Auto Insurance

Michael R. Baye, Matias Barenstein, Debra J. Holt, Pauline M. Ippolito, James M. Lacko, Jesse B. Leary, Janis K. Pappalardo, Paul A. Pautler, and Michael G. Vita

Economics at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) supports both the competition and consumer protection missions of the agency. In this year’s essay we discuss competition activity with a summary of...