FTC Announces New Videos to Help You Be Secure Online

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Tips for Consumers

Today, the Federal Trade Commission released a series of video tips to help you protect your personal information online. The videos are available at OnGuardOnline.gov, the federal government’s site to help computer users be safe, secure and responsible.

The new video Using Public Wi-Fi Networks, explains that most public Wi-Fi hotspots don’t encrypt information you send through the network. So, if you login to an unsecured website — say a social networking site — or enter personal information in a web form, you may be sharing that information with others on the network. Hackers could use the information to hijack your accounts, or to impersonate you.

When using Wi-Fi, it’s important to know that secure hotspots require a password, and secure websites begin with “https.”

In addition, the FTC has released three other new videos available on OnGuardOnline.gov:

  • Computer Security provides simple steps to help you protect yourself and your computer from scammers, hackers, and identity thieves.

OnGuardOnline.gov is a partner in the The Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign™, which is led by the Department of Homeland Security and aims to increase the understanding of cyber threats and empower the American public to be safer and more secure online. The Federal Trade Commission manages OnGuardOnline.gov in partnership with other federal agencies.

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