The Federal Trade Commission has Extended Until Jan. 26, 1996, the Period for Accepting Written Comments in Connection with the Hearings it Held this Fall on Antitrust and Consumer Protection Issues in Light of Increased Global Competition and Innovation.

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The Federal Trade Commission has extended until Jan. 26, 1996, the period for accepting written comments in connection with the hearings it held this fall on antitrust and consumer protection issues in light of increased global competition and innovation. The hearing proceedings were transcribed and are being placed on the public record at FTC headquarters and on the FTC's World Wide Web site at (no period). The deadline has been extended to allow commenters to review the record and provide additional comments.

The Commission is particularly interested in whether changes in the law or enforcement policy are warranted in the following areas:

  1. the measurement of market power;
  2. the ability of firms to enter new markets;
  3. treatment of efficiencies in merger and nonmerger areas;
  4. treatment of efficiencies in innovation, particularly those resulting from collaboration;
  5. failing firms or distress industries;
  6. the impact of antitrust and consumer protection law on small businesses;
  7. the relationship of antitrust to intellectual property law;
  8. foreclosure, access and efficiency issues related to networks and standards;
  9. strategic conduct in the context of innovation-based competition;
  10. cross-border consumer protection issues (such as standard setting, product labeling harmonization, and/or technology-related scams); and
  11. agency institutional process (such as quality of evidence and burden of proof; safe harbors; and evidence gathering).

Comments should be captioned "Comments on Hearings on Global Competition and Innovation" and addressed to FTC, Office of the Secretary, FTC, 6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580.

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