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The Federal Trade Commission staff will host a workshop on September 25, 2008, to learn about the growth of for-profit debt relief entities and examine how the for-profit debt relief model is affecting consumers and businesses. Consumer advocates, industry representatives, and state and federal regulators will discuss a range of issues, including the history and expansion of the industry, the advertising and marketing of debt relief services, the role of third-party lead generators and other service providers, legal developments in the regulation of the industry, and ways to address consumer protection issues and education needs.

In preparation for the workshop, FTC staff welcomes original research, surveys, and academic papers regarding for-profit consumer debt relief services. These materials are due by August 15. More information on the workshop will be available soon, including information about participating as a panelist.

The workshop is free and open to the public; it will be held at the FTC’s Satellite Building Conference Center, 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.

Contact Information

Frank Dorman
Office of Public Affairs
Sara Gottovi or Leah Frazier
Bureau of Consumer Protection