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The Federal Trade Commission will host a two-day workshop on consumer protection and competition issues related to peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing on Wednesday, December 15, and Thursday, December 16, 2004, beginning at 9:00 am EST. The workshop is the latest in a series of efforts to assess the impact of new and significant technologies on consumers and businesses. P2P file-sharing technology enables individuals to share files, including music, video, or software. Because the files do not reside in a central location — they are stored on the hard drives of users — P2P file-sharing technology allows for faster file transfer and conservation of bandwidth. The workshop agenda can be found at the following link on the Internet:



Federal Trade Commission, Government, and Industry Representatives Interested members of the public


FTC Conference Center
601 New Jersey Ave, NW
Washington, DC


Wednesday and Thursday, December 15-16, 2004
Conference begins at 9 am each day


Persons unable to attend the workshop may dial in by calling 1-888-532-3213
on Wednesday and 1-800-556-4879 on Thursday.
The confirmation number is 34096099 on Wednesday and 34096281 on Thursday,
and the chairperson for both days is Beth Delaney.

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