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FTC sends full refunds to people charged by I Works in 2010

The FTC is sending full refunds totaling more than $12 million to 147,333 people who were lured into I Works’ deceptive “trial” memberships and bogus government-grant and money-making schemes in 2010.

I Works ran numerous online marketing campaigns, which falsely advertised that federal grants were generally available for personal use, and that people who used I Works’ money-making products were likely to make a lot of money. When people gave their credit or debit card numbers to a pay small shipping and handling fee, usually $1.99, I Works charged them a one-time fee of up to $129.95, followed by monthly recurring fees of up to $59.95, without their consent.

Most recipients will get their refunds via check. If you get a check, please cash it within 60 days. 

Recipients with mailing addresses outside the U.S. will get their refunds via PayPal. If you get a PayPal payment, you have 30 days to accept the payment. For more details about the payment process, please read our related FAQ.

If you have any questions, please call the refund administrator at 1-888-304-0228.