20201636: Global Infrastructure Solutions Inc.; Rocco Trotta

Transaction Number:


Acquiring Party:

Global Infrastructure Solutions Inc.

Acquired Party:

Rocco Trotta

Granting Status:


Acquired Entities

  • LiRo Engineers, Inc.
  • LiRo Architects+ Planners, P.C.
  • LiRo Architects+ Engineers West, P.C.
  • LiRo Architects+ Engineers, P.C. (Con necticut)
  • LiRo Program and Construction Management, PE P.C.
  • LiRo Program and Construction Management, Inc.
  • LiRo GIS, Inc.
  • James LaSala & Associates, LL P
  • LiRo Architects+ Engineers, P.C. (Pennsy lvania)
  • LiRo Constructors, Inc.
  • RL T Engineering, Geology, and Land Surveying, P.C.