ANI/Novitium, In the Matter of

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In the Matter of ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a corporation; Novitium Pharma LLC, a limited liability company; and Esjay LLC, a limited liability company
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211 0101

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Part 2 Consents

Case Summary

The Federal Trade Commission will require generic drug marketers ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Novitium Pharma LLC to divest, to Prasco LLC, ANI’s development rights to one generic drug and assets with respect to another generic drug as part of a settlement resolving charges that ANI’s $210 million acquisition of Novitium likely would be anticompetitive. According to the complaint, without a remedy, the acquisition would likely harm future competition in U.S. markets for both of these generic products. Under the terms of the proposed order, ANI and Novitium are required to divest ANI’s rights and assets to generic SMX-TMP oral suspension and generic dexamethasone tablets to Prasco within 10 days after the acquisition is final.