Magnesium Elektron North America, Inc.

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In the Matter of Magnesium Elektron North America, Inc.
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Part 2 Consents

Case Summary

Magnesium Elektron, a leader in the production of magnesium plates used for photoengraving, settled FTC charges that its acquisition of rival plate manufacturer Revere Graphics Worldwide, Inc. was anticompetitive and a violation of the antitrust laws. The FTC's order restores the competition eliminated by the merger by requiring Magnesium Elektron to sell necessary intellectual property and technical know-how used to manufacture magnesium plates for photoengraving applications to Kansas-based Universal Engraving.  While Universal Engraving does not currently manufacture or sell magnesium plates, it is uniquely positioned to become an effective competitor in this market because it already sells other metals used in the photoengraving process to customers affected by the merger.