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FTC sends PayPal payments to eligible T-Mobile customers

The FTC is sending PayPal payments to T-Mobile customers who had third-party charges added to their mobile phone bills before 2014.

According to the FTC, T-Mobile allowed other companies to add charges—typically $9.99 per month—to its customers’ phone bills without their consent. To settle the lawsuit, T-Mobile agreed to pay at least $90 million for refunds. T-Mobile ran its own refund program, which began in June 2015, but distributed less than the required amount.

As a result, the FTC sent checks in February 2017 and July 2021 which resulted in over $24 million in refunds. Now, the FTC is sending payments by PayPal to people who didn’t cash their check.

If you are eligible, you will get a pre-payment email from Then, after the payment is made, you will get an email from PayPal.

Please accept your PayPal payment within 30 days. If you would prefer to get a check, or have any other questions, please call the refund administrator at 1-844-746-4695.