Carlyle Partners IV, L.P., et al., In the Matter of

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In the Matter of Carlyle Partners IV, L.P., a limited partnership, PQ Corporation, INEOS Group Ltd., a corporation, and James Ratcliffe, an individual.
FTC Matter/File Number:

071 0203

Enforcement Type:

Part 2 Consents

Case Summary

The Commission challenged the proposed acquisition by Carlyle Partners IV, L.P. of INEOS Group Ltd., alleging that the deal would be anticompetitive in the highly concentrated Midwestern market for sodium silicate. Sodium silicates are used in detergents and other products, and are important chemicals used by the pulp and paper industry. The acquisition would have joined market leader PQ Corporation, which is owned by Carlyle, with INEOS, the third-largest sodium silicate provider. Under the Commission’s order, Carlyle must divest PQ’s sodium silicate plant in Utica, Illinois, and all associated intellectual property required to operate the plant to Oak Hill Company within five days of consummating the transaction.