8308002 Informal Interpretation

Patrick Sharpe

Not reportable. B is keeping $5MM and the rest is being passed through. Doesnot meet the size-of-person test. P1 and P2 formation and partnerships are notreportable.



August 8, 1983


Mr. Patrick Sharpe
PreMerger Notification Office
Room 301, Federal Trade Commission
Pennsylvania Avenue & Sixth St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 2058

Dear Mr. Sharpe:

In a brief telephone conversation on Monday, August 8, 1983, I asked your assistance in evaluating a transaction in which my client will be involved. The enclosed chart will hopefully be of some help in evaluating the deal. I would appreciate it if you would have a staff attorney call me as soon as possible, so that I can fill in some of the information that is missing from the chart, and review my tentative conclusions.

Your assistance is appreciated.






[attachment: Chapter 1 - Comptroller of the Currency, Dept. of Treasury, 9.18, p. 91, 93, 94 & 95]

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