Recent FTC Cases Resulting in Refunds

The FTC sues companies that make deceptive claims about their products and services and seeks refunds for the people affected. This list includes recent cases that resulted in refunds.

If you’d like more information about the FTC’s refund program, check out these related FAQs:

Título Fecha Contact Info
Título: Payday Support Center Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-888-279-4212
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Título: AT&T Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-819-9692
Epiq Systems
Título: Zadro Health Solutions
Products: Nano-UV "Disinfectant" Devices
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-866-683-8516
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Título: Money Now Funding Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-800-419-5336
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Título: Refunds
Products: Tanning Beds
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-418-8082
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Título: Stratford Refunds Fecha: Contact Info:
Título: T-Mobile Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-746-4695
Epiq Systems
Título: Volkswagen 3.0L Settlement
Products: VW Touareg, Audi A6 quattro, Audi A7 quattro, Audi A8 & A8L, Audi Q5, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne
Fecha: Contact Info:
Título: Broadway Global Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-449-3587
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Herbalife Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-322-8146
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Daniel Chapter One Refunds
Products: BioShark, 7 Herb Formula, GDU, and Endo 24
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-855-263-3452
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Título: One Technologies Refunds
Products: "Free" Credit Scores
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-828-4441
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: The Tax Club Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-855-561-1178
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: J.K. Publications Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-225-4524
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: DeVry Refunds and Debt Forgiveness Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-578-2645
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Trudeau Refunds
Products: The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You To Know About
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-828-4437
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Nopalea Refunds
Products: Diet supplements
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-888-289-0252
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Centro Natural Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-449-3585
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Fortune Hi-Tech Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-800-964-0978
Epiq Systems
Título: BurnLounge Refunds
Products: Business Franchise
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-417-4484
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Lumosity Refunds
Products: Lumosity brain-training program
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-449-3582
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Top Shelf Marketing Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-866-384-9365
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Título: Volkswagen 2.0L Settlement
Products: VW Beetle, VW Golf, VW Jetta, VW Passat, Audi A3
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-98-CLAIM
Título: Genesis Today Refunds
Products: Green Coffee Bean Weight-Loss Supplements
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-449-3586
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Direct Benefits Group Refunds
Products: Payday Loans
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-255-2804
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Oro Marketing Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-855-719-1931
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: L’Occitane Refunds
Products: Almond Beautiful Shape & Almond Shaping Delight
Fecha: Contact Info: 1- 888-286-7543
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Dolce Refunds
Products: Auto Service "Warranties"
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-703-3427
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Título: Expense Management America Refunds
Products: Mortgage and Debt Relief
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-239-8891
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Wealth Educators Refunds
Products: Mortgage Relief Services
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-836-3604
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Independent Association of Businesses Refunds
Products: Health Insurance
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-255-2476
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Prime Legal Plans, LLC
Products: Reaching U Network
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-291-8511
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: American Tax Relief, LLC Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-430-3699
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Crowder Law Group Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-888-561-9023
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Straight Talk, Net10, Simple Mobile, and Telcel America Refunds
Products: Unlimited data plans
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-855-312-3327
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Western Performance Group Refunds
Products: Debt Collection
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-855-312-3324
Analytics Consulting, LLC
Título: Debt Advocacy Center Refunds
Products: Mortgage Modifications
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-844-535-0116
Gilardi & Co., LLC
Título: Sensa Refunds Fecha: Contact Info: 1-800-420-2914
Epiq Systems
Título: Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc.
Products: Acai Pure and Colotox
Fecha: Contact Info: 1-877-283-6531
Epiq Systems
Título: Corporation Fecha: Contact Info: 866-328-1992
Epiq Systems