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FTC compliance advice for companies covered by industry-specific rules. Members of the textile, appliance, jewelry, used car, or funeral businesses: Check out publications written with your sector in mind.


Information about how the FTC addresses concerns about the effects of alcohol marketing on youth by conducting law enforcement investigations, promoting effective industry self-regulation, educating consumers about teens and drinking, promoting effective label disclosures, and coordinating with other federal agencies.


Does your company sell appliances? Learn about the Energy Labeling Rule, light bulb labels, and other rules that apply to marketers and manufacturers of appliances.


If your business sells automobiles, fuel, or related products, have you kept up to date on the rules and laws that could affect your company? The FTC has resources discussing the Used Car Rule, labeling guidelines for alternative fueled vehicles and alternatives fuels, how the FTC’s Privacy Rule applies to auto dealers – and other topics of interest to the automotive industry.

Clothing and Textiles

How to comply with requirements for labeling products made of cashmere, cotton, down, feather, fur, wool, rayon made from bamboo or other materials; attaching care instructions to garments; making truthful “Made in the USA” claims, and more.


Learn about compliance responsibilities for businesses that provide credit, loans, or other financial services.

Franchises, Business Opportunities, and Investments

For companies selling franchises and business opportunities – and entrepreneurs in the market – the FTC's Franchise Rule and Business Opportunity Rule mandate disclosures and offer buyers certain protections. In addition, the FTC has resources to help people spot business opportunity and investment scams and avoid franchise taboos.


If your company is in the funeral industry, the FTC has resources to make it easier to comply with the Funeral Rule and other consumer protection standards.

Human Resources

Practical information for human resources and administrative professionals about protecting personal data in your company's possession, spotting B2B fraud, responding to identity theft, complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act in the employment process – and more.


If you manufacture or sell jewelry, the FTC has resources to help you comply with the Jewelry Guides. In addition, jewelry retailers can find information especially for their businesses.


Information about protecting personal data, fighting back against scam artists that target non-profit groups, and other practical tips for your organization.

Real Estate and Mortgages

If your real estate or mortgage-related business is within the jurisdiction of the FTC, it's important to see to it that your advertising, marketing materials, and day-to-day practices meet legal standards.


Companies that advertise or sell tobacco products are subject to specific laws and rules about how cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco may be marketed.