Office of the Secretary

Donald S. Clark, Secretary of the Commission

The Office of the Secretary supports the Commission decision-making process by implementing and advising the Commission and its staff on Commission voting and other decision making procedures, assigning staff recommendations and requests for action to the Commission, processing all Commission circulations and votes, and notifying the Commission and its staff of voting and other decision-making deadlines. The Office also maintains the Commission’s electronic circulation system, and ensures that copies of all Commission assignment packages and circulations can be accessed through the Intranet. In addition, the Office creates official records of all Commission deliberations and actions taken, whether at Commission meetings or through the written notational voting process. The Office also reviews, and the Secretary signs or otherwise validates, all official documents approved or authorized by the Commission and its delegates including consent agreements and reports. In addition, the Office forwards all Commission Notices to the Federal Register, after signature by the Secretary or the General Counsel, and manages the contract covering Federal Register publication expenditures. The Office also creates and forwards electronic copies of most of these documents (with appropriate captions) for publication on at the same time as the relevant news releases.

The Office also maintains the agency Operating Manual, and prepares and forwards responses to most Congressional and White House correspondence raising constituent issues. In addition, the Office creates and preserves electronic copies of all relevant actions and documents in our internal document management system. The Secretary is also the legal custodian of Commission legal and public records, and is responsible for publishing the Federal Trade Commission Decisions Volumes, including almost 100 volumes covering the period from 1949 to 2013 which have been placed on the Commission Website.