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Consumer Protection

Money & Credit
Money matters. And using tried and true strategies for dealing with money — or the lack of it — can make a big difference to your present and your future. Whether you are saving, spending, or borrowing money, this is information you can’t afford to overlook.

Privacy & Identity
Your personal information is a valuable commodity. It’s not only the key to your financial identity, but also to your online identity. Knowing how to protect your information — and your identity — is a must in the 21st century. Here are some tips to doing it effectively.

Scam Alerts
Crooks use clever schemes to defraud millions of people every year. Stay a step ahead with the latest info and practical tips from the nation’s consumer protection agency. Browse FTC scam alerts by topic or by most recent.
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Business Information

Advertising and Marketing
Whether a business is an established global brand or a start-up, effective advertising and marketing can be the key to its success. All businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure that advertising is truthful and not deceptive. 

Credit and Finance
The FTC enforces laws that protect consumers from unfair or deceptive financial practices in lending, loan servicing, debt collection, and debt relief services. The FTC also takes action against certain illegal practices related to billing, payments, and payment processing, as well as other practices that cause financial harm to consumers.

Privacy and Security
For many companies, collecting sensitive consumer and employee information is an essential part of doing business. It’s your legal responsibility to take steps to properly secure or dispose of it.
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Competition Guidance

Competition Counts
By enforcing antitrust laws, the FTC helps to ensure that consumers have access to quality goods and services, that businesses can compete on the merits of their work, and that markets stay open and free. Learn more about how competition benefits you.

Guide to Antitrust Laws
This guide for businesses provides a detailed discussion of competition issues like price fixing, supply chains, price discrimination, and mergers. You’ll find fact sheets on a variety of competition topics, with examples of cases, Frequently Asked Questions, and links to more detailed materials developed by the FTC and the U.S. Department of Justice.

BC Production Guide
If your business has received a formal request related to a merger, such as a Request for Additional Information or a Civil Investigative Demand, the BC Production guide can help answer questions you might have. The guide covers what the FTC generally requires when we send a formal request, but this guidance does not supersede instructions in any request or subpoena issued by the FTC.

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