Working Papers

FTC Bureau of Economics Working Papers are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comment. The analyses and conclusions set forth are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of the Bureau of Economics, other Commission staff, or the Commission itself. References in publications to FTC Bureau of Economics Working Papers by FTC economists (other than acknowledgment by a writer that he has access to such unpublished materials) should be cleared with the author to protect the tentative character of these papers.

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A Retrospective Analysis of the Clinical Quality Effects of the Acquisition of Highland Park Hospital by Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

David J. Balan, Patrick S. Romano
In 2004, the Federal Trade Commission brought legal action retrospectively challenging the 2000 acquisition of Highland Park Hospital by Evanston Northwestern Healthcare in Evanston, Illinois. A...

Technological Tying

Daniel E. Gaynor
This paper explores a firm's incentive to technologically tie when R&D is important and finds that technological tying increases innovation, which is an efficiency not considered in other tying...

A Variance Screen For Collusion

Rosa M. Abrantes-Metz, Luke M. Froeb, John F. Geweke, Christopher T. Taylor
In this paper, we examine price movements over time around the collapse of a bid-rigging conspiracy. While the mean decreased by sixteen percent, the standard deviation increased by over two hundred...

The Economic Effects of the Marathon - Ashland Joint Venture: The Importance of Industry Supply Shocks and Vertical Market Structure

Christopher T. Taylor, Daniel S. Hosken

This study measures the retail and wholesale price effects in Louisville, Kentucky resulting from the Marathon/Ashland (MAP) joint venture. MAP was an early transaction in the recent era of...

R&D Activity and Acquisitions in High Technology Industries: Evidence from the U.S. Electronic and Electrical Equipment Industries

Bruce A. Blonigen and Christopher T. Taylor

Theory argues that R&D intensity and acquisition activity may be either directly or inversely related. However, empirically we know relatively little about which firms are responsible for...

Market-Share Quotas

James D. Reitzes and Oliver R. Grawe

Anecdotal evidence reveals that an import quota is not always filled when the quota is specified in terms of a market-share limit instead of a quantity limit. In a simple Cournot duopoly, we...

Antidumping Policy

James D. Reitzes

We examine antidumping policy in a model where a foreign firm is a monopolist in the foreign market, but competes with a native firm in the home market. An antidumping policy changes strategic...

Buyers and Entry Barriers

David T. Scheffman and Pablo T. Spiller

This paper develops an analysis of markets in which sellers have significant sunk investments; it takes considerable time to enter; and buyers can make credible commitments to obtain alternative...