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The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, will host a roundtable in Washington, DC, on September 19, 2013, to discuss how to empower and protect consumers from scammers with the advent of healthcare marketplaces opening this fall under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Scammers follow the headlines, often seeking to exploit interest in new high-profile programs and developments in the marketplace. This discussion will bring together experts on the ACA, federal and state consumer protection officials, representatives of legal services and community-based organizations, and consumer advocates to discuss key features of the law, state approaches to implementation, and how to help consumers avoid potential scams.

Attendance and Pre-Registration
“Consumer Protection and the Healthcare Marketplace Roundtable” will be open to the public.  There is no fee to attend.  Please arrive at the Federal Trade Commission a full hour before your meeting and no less than 30 minutes before. For admittance to the building, all attendees will be required to display a valid government issued photo ID (government badge, license, passport, etc.). The security processing will include a metal detector and X-ray screening of all hand carried items.     

Pre-registration is not necessary to attend the roundtable, but is strongly encouraged so that we may better plan this event. Pre-registration does not guarantee a seat. Space is limited. To register to attend, please send an email with your name and organization to

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