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Discusses disclosure updating requirements, concluding that the Rule permits an additional update after the most recent quarterly update to disclose new litigation against a franchisor, but requires such an update only if the franchisor makes earnings claims and the litigation is...
Apparent applicability of Rule to company providing locator services to business opportunity purchasers while also offering to sell vending machines.
Responds to requests for clarification of Advisory 99-6 addressing business consultants' disclosure obigations.
Discusses business consultants' obligation to furnish disclosure documents.
Discusses the fractional franchise exemption, in particular:  (1) whether the location of the fractional franchise may be disqualifying; (2)  whether the exemption is available to a partnership; and (3) whether the exemption is available where the fractional franchisee operates the...
Discusses the meaning of "commercial relationship
Discusses the application of the Franchise Rule to free-standing sandwhich shops.
Discusses whether the sale of a pay telephone business opportunity meets the Rule's "continuing commercial relationship" requirement
Clarifies a previous opinion addressing when a future payment may satisfy the Rule's minimum payment requirement.
Discusses whether a non-profit, tax exempt corporation qualifies as a "franchisor" under the Franchise Rule.
Discusses the application of the single trademark license exemption.
Discusses whether the required payment element is satisfied if the franchisee pays no initial up-front franchise fee, but leases the premises and equipment from the restaurant-franchisor, pays a "working capital" deposit, and must permit the withdrawal of funds from a shared...
Discusses the application of the Franchise Rule to a program offering advertising opportunities involving Internet Web sites.
Provides guidance on how a franchisor may comply with the Franchise Rule via the Internet.
Discusses whether the franchisor's or franchisee's degree of controlling interest in an outlet affects the application of the Franchise Rule.
Discusses the application of the Franchise Rule to a business arrangment involving multiple limited liability "strategic partners."
Discusses whether franchisors may use financial statements prepared according to non-American generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
Addresses whether a franchisor must furnish disclosures to an existing franchisee when the franchisee initiates a modification of the franchise agreement’s protected territory provision.
Discusses whether a not-for profit 501(c)(3) organization satisfies the definition of a franchise under the Franchise Rule.
Discusses whether the grant of multiple licenses to the same licensee qualifies for the Franchise Rule's single license exclusion.