Intel Corporation, In the Matter of

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In the Matter of Intel Corporation, a corporation.
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061 0247

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Part III Administrative Complaint

Case Summary

In December of 2009, the Commission sued Intel Corp., the world’s leading computer chip maker, charging that the company had illegally used its dominant market position for a decade to stifle competition and strengthen its monopoly. In its complaint, the FTC alleges that Intel has waged a systematic campaign to shut out rivals’ competing microchips by cutting off their access to the marketplace. In the process, Intel deprived consumers of choice and innovation in the microchips that comprise the computers’ central processing unit, or CPU. These chips are critical components that often are referred to as the “brains” of a computer. According to the FTC complaint, Intel’s anticompetitive tactics were designed to put the brakes on superior competitive products that threatened its monopoly in the CPU microchip market. In August of 2010, Intel agreed to a settlement agreeing to provisions that will open the door to renewed competition and prevent Intel from suppressing competition in the future.

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