Logging into SAFE

SAFE requires that you have approved antivirus software installed on your computer if you are using a Windows device. Your GFE (Government Furnished Equipment) laptop already has the antivirus software installed. If you need to install it on your personal device, you can download it from the SAFE web page by clicking on the antivirus tab, you will be asked to login with your username, and password, or you may contact the Helpdesk at 202-326-3500 and request a copy of the CD, with instructions.

After you have verified that the approved antivirus protection is properly installed, browse to URL https://www.ftc.gov/safe and click the “Log in to SAFE” button.

Screenshot of SAFE page

Enter your username, password, PIN+ Token, and click Log On.

Screenshot of SAFE page where you enter username, password and PIN+ token

After providing your credentials, Citrix Access Gateway Endpoint Analysis will validate your system for antivirus protection.

Screenshot of Citrix Endpoint Analysis scanning your system

The web page that displays while SAFE and the computer establish the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection remains the same.

Citrix Access Gateway screenshot of establishing a connection

If you are on a GFE Laptop, the SAFE landing web page will also provide a link at the bottom to launch a Virtual Desktop (VDI). If you do not intend to use a VDI, close the web page, and continue to use your GFE computer from its Windows desktop.

Screenshot indicating you have successfully connected to the FTC Network

If you are entering SAFE from another (non GFE) computer, or requested a VDI from the landing page, the Citrix Access Gateway will display the Citrix Receiver login page.

Citrix Receiver login screen

Login with your User name, and Password, then click the Log On button. The Citrix Receiver page will display an icon to open your virtual desktop.

Screenshot of Citrix Receiver page with icon to open virtual desktop

Citrix will display a loading page while it starts your virtual desktop. If the page does not load, as shown in the picture above, press F5 to refresh the page. Please remember that the first time you start a desktop, it will take at least a few minutes depending on your connection speed to initialize.

Screenshot of Citrix displaying a loading page while starting virtual desktop.

Click OK to log into your virtual desktop.

Screenshot logging into virtual desktop