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At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal court has ordered Timothy L. Ford, the president of Commercial Recovery Systems Inc. (CRS), to pay a $2 million civil penalty for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by falsely threatening debtors.
The Federal Trade Commission has charged the operators of a timeshare reselling scheme with bilking at least $15 million dollars from timeshare property owners by imposing hefty up-front fees based on false promises that they would sell or rent their properties.
A group of defendants who falsely promised to reduce consumers’ credit card interest rates will be banned from telemarketing and from selling debt relief services, and the payment processors who enabled them to bilk more than $12 million from consumers will be banned from the payment processing...
The Federal Trade Commission will join with the NAACP Alabama State Conference and local community partners for a forum on consumer fraud issues. The forum will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. at Birmingham City Hall, located at 710 North 20th Street in Birmingham. 
The FTC and the State of Georgia have charged Laptop & Desktop Repair, LLC, an electronics buyback company that specializes in buying consumers’ used smartphones, tablets and other devices, and its owner, Vadim Olegovich Kruchinin, with deceiving consumers with high-dollar offers to buy back...
Two groups of debt collectors will be banned from the collection business under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission, and one of them will pay more than $4.4 million to resolve charges that they conned people into paying debts they did not owe.
The Federal Trade Commission has charged a Florida man and his company with bilking at least $1.3 million from newly-opened small businesses by pretending to be a federal government agency, and threatening that the business will be shut down or fined unless they purchase occupational safety and...
The Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida have charged a payment processing business with credit card laundering and illegally assisting and facilitating a nationwide debt relief telemarketing scheme that allegedly bilked millions of dollars from consumers.
In four separate actions, the Federal Trade Commission is announcing that it has stopped illegal debt collection tactics of several debt collection operations. In addition, other federal and state law enforcement officials have taken 12 more actions as part of a federal-state-local law enforcement...
The operators of an advance fee recovery scheme that falsely claimed it could recover money for consumers that they had lost to telemarketing scams will be banned from selling recovery services, and from telemarketing, under a court order issued at the Federal Trade Commission’s request.
The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 64,607 checks totaling $1.5 million to consumers who lost money to an online operation that illegally debited their bank accounts when they sought payday loans.
The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 10,387 checks totaling more than $969,000 to consumers who lost money to a credit card interest rate reduction scam.
A federal court has halted, and frozen the assets of, a nationwide debt relief telemarketing scam that bilked millions of dollars from consumers, pending resolution of allegations made by the Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida.
The FTC is mailing 52,099 checks to consumers who lost money to a pyramid scheme that pretended to be a legitimate multi-level marketing program selling opportunities to operate online digital music stores.
The Federal Trade Commission has sent more than $2.4 million in refund checks to just over a hundred consumers harmed by the Premier Precious Metals scheme, which bilked millions of dollars from investors, including many senior citizens.
Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final order involving deceptive advertising charges against a Dallas auto dealer, TXVT Limited Partnership (doing business as Trophy Nissan).  
Nota: Se realizará una teleconferencia para los medios de comunicación con la Directora del Buró de Protección del Consumidor, Jessica Rich, tal como se indica a continuación: Fecha: 28 de enero de 2015 Hora: 1:30 p.m. Hora del Este Las líneas de la teleconferencia, exclusivamente para los medios...

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The Federal Trade Commission will host the third of its Debt Collection Dialogues in Atlanta, GA, on November 18, 2015. The FTC held the first Dialogue in Buffalo, NY, on June 15 and the second in Dallas, TX, on September 29.
Join the FTC and NAACP Georgia’s Scam Jam to hear about scams that affect African American communities. Hear from experts how to spot, stop and report consumer scams – including imposter and wire transfer frauds, debt collection scams, mortgage refinance scams, business opportunity...
The Federal Trade Commission and the NAACP of Georgia will host a conference on Obstacles to Economic Opportunity, examining the frauds affecting the African American Community. The conference will bring together legal service attorneys; community leaders; federal, local and state...