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The Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board has agreed to stop fixing compensation levels for residential real estate appraisal services in Louisiana as part of a settlement reached with the Federal Trade Commission, after the agency alleged that the Board’s conduct violated federal antitrust law.
Two Nevada companies and two individuals have agreed to stop charging consumers thousands of dollars to apply for multiple credit cards in their names in order to pay for expensive and often ineffective training programs under a proposed settlement of a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit.
A federal district court entered final orders against the three primary individual defendants—Andris Pukke, Peter Baker, and Luke Chadwick, and related corporations—in the Federal Trade Commission’s case involving the allegedly deceptive sale of real estate properties in Belize to U.S. consumers.
Following the announcement that the parties have abandoned CoStar’s proposed acquisition of RentPath, Daniel Francis, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Competition, made this statement:“This is terrific news for consumers. The CoStar/RentPath deal would have combined two close competitors and harmed...
The Federal Trade Commission has filed an administrative complaint, and authorized a suit in federal court, to block internet listing services provider CoStar Group Inc.’s proposed $587.5 million acquisition of competitor RentPath Holdings, Inc. CoStar operates a network of websites, including...
The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith issued the following statement regarding the memorandum opinion issued late last week by U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte for the District of Maryland, in the matter of In re Sanctuary Belize litigation.
The Federal Trade Commission is seeking to name celebrity real estate investment promoters Dean Graziosi and Scott Yancey as defendants in a case for their roles in a massive real estate training scheme that bilked consumers out of more than $400 million.
The Federal Trade Commission and the state of Utah have amended their complaint against the operators of the Zurixx real estate seminar scheme, adding new charges that the defendants violated the Telemarketing Sales Rule on top of previous charges that they violated the FTC Act and Utah law.
UPDATE: A stipulated preliminary injunction has been entered in this case.

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According to a recent CFPB report, the pandemic has left more than 8.8 million consumers behind on their rent. Tenants at risk of homelessness are disproportionately people of color, primarily Black and Hispanic families. Federal, state, and local governments, including the CDC, have...

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The Federal Trade Commission filed an administrative complaint and authorized a suit in federal court to block internet listing services provider CoStar Group Inc.’s proposed $587.5 million acquisition of competitor RentPath Holdings, Inc. The complaint alleged that the acquisition...
Ascension will be required to implement a comprehensive data security program as part of a settlement resolving FTC allegations that the firm failed to ensure one of its vendors was adequately securing personal data about tens of thousands of mortgage holders.
The Federal Trade Commission and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection sued Nudge, LLC and affiliated companies, alleging that they make empty promises about earning money by “flipping” houses, to convince consumers to buy real estate training packages that cost thousands of...