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The Energy Labeling Rule requires light bulb manufacturers to give consumers key information in an easy-to-read format.
Here are a few computer security basics to help your company, even if you’re the only employee. If you have employees, train them to follow these tips. If you collect any consumer information, also check out our advice about protecting personal information.
When managing your network, developing an app, or even organizing paper files, sound security is no accident. Companies that consider security from the start assess their options and make reasonable choices based on the nature of their business and the sensitivity of the information...
  Table of Contents State law (the Uniform Commercial Code). Sections 2-314 & 2-315. Section 2-313. Introduction For the full legal texts listed below, consult the supplement to this manual. Understanding the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
The Energy Labeling Rule requires manufacturers of certain appliances to disclose a product’s annual energy cost or efficiency information — based on Department of Energy (DOE) test procedures — on EnergyGuide labels, and to report their findings to the FTC.
General Environmental Benefit Claims Marketers should not make broad, unqualified general environmental benefit claims like "green" or "eco-friendly."  Broad claims are difficult to substantiate, if not impossible. Marketers should qualify general claims with specific environmental...
This guidance document also is available in Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese.
Slip Showing? Federal Law Requires All Businesses to Truncate Credit Card Information on Receipts
What truth-in-advertising rules apply to advertisers? Under the Federal Trade Commission Act: