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Manufacturing of polypropylene using propylene as a feedstock constitutes "petrochemical processing" and is an "oil and gas related asset" within the meaning of the Consent Order issued against respondent, Decisions Volume 104
Proposed development of a relative value guide for physician services to be distributed to member internists would be likely to have anticompetitive effects that probably would not be outweighed by any counterveiling efficiency justifications, Decisions Volume 105
Proposed barter program with foreign countries for phosphate rock would avoid respondent's involvement in other than export trade and falls under the protection of the Webb-Pomerene Act, Decisions Volume 108
Proposed acquisition by Coca-Cola would require prior Commission approval under the Commission's order of August 3, 1983, Decisions Volume 111
The proposed Code of Conduct of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America does not appear likely to have a significant anticompetitive effect and therefore, to violate Section 5 of the FTC Act, Decisions Volume 114
Re: The application of the Non-Profit Institutions Act to sales of pharmaceuticals by non-profit hospitals to related non-profit long-term care facilities, Decisions Volume 116
Re: A program proposed by the American Medical Association and the Chicago Medical Society involving peer review of physician fees is not likely to violate antitrust laws, Decisions Volume 117
Due to insufficient information supplied by respondent SCM Corporation, Commission was unable to determine whether proposed interlocking directorate would violate provisions of Final Order entered against SCM, Decisions Volume 103
Re: The proposal to adopt and enforce certain accrediting standards on tuition and fees would not violate antitrust laws, Decisions Volume 119
Letter From Markus H. Meier, Assistant Director, Health Care Division, Bureau of Competition, to Jennifer R. Bolster, Esq., Hancock Estabrook, LLP, Concerning Crouse Health Hospital's Proposal To Sell Discounted Pharmaceutical Products to the Employees, Retirees, and Their Dependents...
Addresses whether a group purchasing organization based prescription-drug program operated for the benefit of a group of non-profit schools, colleges, and universities would fall within the Non-Profit Institutions Act (NPIA) exemption to the Robinson-Patman Act
re: Concerning the development and dissemination of a RVS by an association of physicians.
re: Sales of pharmaceuticals by non-profit hospitals to related non-profit long-term care facilities 
re: Professional society peer review of physicians' fees: required physician participation in advisory fee review; medical society discipline for fee-related conduct
re: Proposed settlement of infringement litigation with Teva Pharmaceuticals involving sharing of the exclusivity period for the drug Paraplatin.