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The FTC sued Kevin Trudeau for making false claims in infomercials about his book, The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You To Know About. The infomercials ran between December 2006 and November 2007. A federal court ruled that the infomercials broke the law and ordered Kevin...
These companies and people are banned, by federal court orders, from participating in the business of debt collection.
Made in the USA Brand, LLC, In the Matter of FTC Matter/File Number: 142 3121 Return to Made in the USA Brand case page
1) What is an RN Number?RN stands for Registered Identification Number. It is a number issued by the FTC to U.S. businesses that manufacture, import, distribute, or sell products covered by the Textile, Wool, and Fur Acts. Businesses can use this number on product labels in lieu of...
Clientes de servicios móviles de AT&T podrían ser elegibles para un reembolso
23 de octubre de 2014 9:00AM–5:00PM Grand Ballroom at the University, Student Union, California State University, Long Beach
In the Matter of Goldenshores Technologies, LLC, and Erik M. Geidl FTC Matter/File Number: 132 3087 Return to Goldenshores Technologies, LLC page
In the Matter of Apple Inc. FTC Matter/File Number: 112 3108 Return to Apple Inc. case page
Reembolsos para las personas que compraron el aditivo para combustible llamado EnviroTabs
How do I file a comment? Matters Open for Comment Below is a listing of matters for which the Commission is currently accepting public comments. Matters are listed in chronological order by comment submission deadline.