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Tax professionals are prime targets for identity thieves. Why? Your clients’ information — bank and investment accounts, Social Security numbers, medical records, and more — can be a virtual goldmine in the wrong hands. That’s why securing it against a data breach is critical to...
An online promotion began with the headline “No Scam” – and according to a lawsuit brought by the FTC, it was downhill from there.
How much information does Uber have about its riders and drivers? A lot. The FTC just announced a settlement addressing charges that the company falsely claimed to closely monitor internal access to consumers’ personal information on an ongoing basis. The FTC also alleges that Uber...

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At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal court entered a temporary restraining order halting a deceptive work-at-home scheme. The defendants allegedly lured consumers into buying an online system, falsely promising that they would earn thousands of dollars in their spare time working...
La Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC, por su sigla en inglés) presentó cargos contra un grupo de comerciantes que debitaron cargos a las cuentas bancarias de los consumidores por más de $40 millones de dólares por inscribirlos en membresías de tres clubes de descuentos sin su debida autorización.
The Federal Trade Commission has charged a group of marketers with debiting more than $40 million from consumers’ bank accounts for membership in three online discount clubs they enrolled consumers in without their authorization.

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