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Discusses whether statutory and catalog sales exemption from definition of telemarketing applies to seller that solicits inbound calls in response to mailed catalogs, but does not complete a sale during the call.
Opines that refusal to accept a funeral because the family has purchased a third-party casket, and refusal to accept delivery of a third-party casket would be funeral rule violations.
Expresses view that refusal to serve consumers who provide their own casket violates the funeral rule.
Advises that the funeral rule does not permit a funeral provider to require a family’spresence for delivery of a casket purchased from a third-party casket seller.
Opines that funeral provider’s refusal to accept delivery of a casket purchased from a third-party casket seller would violate the funeral rule.
Discusses the Commission’s analysis of compensation based on personal consumption by members of a multi-level company’s sales force and the legal significance of consent orders the Commission has entered with pyramid scheme operators.
Commission Advisory Opinion Confirming That the Rule (1) Places No Limits On A Consumer's Right To An Affirmative Recovery (Other Than Limiting Recovery to A Refund of Monies Paid Under the Contract At Issue), and (2) Does Not Limit Affirmative Recovery Only To Those Circumstances...