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In many ways, gift cards ushered in a win-win era. Better gift-giving (and getting) for consumers and increased sales for retailers. But leave it to scammers to try to mess up a good thing. According to an FTC Data Spotlight, gift cards are now the top method of payment favored by...
Once you’re subject to an FTC order, if you do not comply with its provisions, there are consequences in addition to any you face for deceptive or misleading practices.  Violation of an order can pave the way for civil penalties.
When the Federal Trade Commission looks at competition in the retail sector today, it typically considers the significance of online sales. Sometimes the competition from online retailers drives the analysis. In closing the Office Depot-Office Max matter, the Commission pointed to “...
Here’s a very common question, and the writer is usually a retailer who sells products from different manufacturers.
Remember 1997?  Cellphones had antennas and DVDs were the next new thing. Maybe you “surfed the Web,” but more likely not: only 18 percent of U.S. households had a computer connected to the Internet, according to the Census Bureau.