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A group of scammers who falsely promised consumers new Medicare cards in order to obtain their bank account numbers and debit their accounts will be banned from selling healthcare-related products and services under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission.
Federal Trade Commission staff has submitted comments to North Carolina State Representative Marilyn W. Avila in response to her request for a comment on the possible competitive effects of a legislative proposal to narrow North Carolina’s Certificate of Need (CON) laws.
Federal Trade Commission staff has submitted comments to Minnesota state legislators Joe Hoppe and Melissa Hortman in response to their request for comment on the possible competitive effects of a recently enacted law that could make contract terms for the State of Minnesota’s health plans subject...
Federal Trade Commission staff has submitted comments to New York Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer and New York Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti regarding the possible effects of a legislative proposal on competition for health care services.
The Federal Trade Commission is mailing almost 500,000 checks totaling approximately $3 million to consumers who lost money to diet supplement marketers who made unsupported claims that their cactus-based fruit drink, Nopalea, would treat a variety of health problems.
In testimony presented to a U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary subcommittee the Federal Trade Commission described its ongoing efforts to promote competition that benefits consumers and businesses in key sectors of the economy.
Federal Trade Commission staff submitted written comments regarding the competitive impact of a legislative proposal to modify the collaborative practice arrangements that are imposed on Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) in the state and that limit the services they can provide. The...

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FTC Staff Comment, and Concurring Comment of Commissioner Wright, Regarding North Carolina House Bill 200, Which Would Exempt Diagnostic Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Facilities and Psychiatric Hospitals From Certificate of Need Regulation, and Would Also Prohibit Limitations On the...

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In a variety of industries, the FTC advocates for policies that promote competition. Why? Because studies show competition works, for our citizens and for our economy. Competition typically improves consumer welfare through lower prices, expanded output, better service and more...
Is more information about prices always a good thing for consumers and competition? Too much transparency can harm competition in any market, including in health care markets.
Consumers frequently contact the Bureau of Competition to alert us that the cost of a prescription drug suddenly spiked up, and ask if the FTC can take antitrust action to bring the price back down. The answer in a nutshell is that it depends on the reason for the price change...

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