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The Federal Trade Commission is mailing refund checks totaling $42,580.45 to 1,274 consumers who bought a worthless fuel additive called EnviroTabs. Its marketer, Green Foot Global LLC, touted it as the “World’s 1st Multi-Vitamin for Your Engine!” and falsely claimed it would increase fuel...
The Federal Trade Commission is proposing changes to its Fuel Rating Rule, which determines the fuel rating that appears on fuel pump labels, how octane levels are calculated, and helps to inform consumers about proper fuel for their vehicles.
The market for fuel ethanol in the United States is unconcentrated, with 156 firms nationwide either producing ethanol or likely to begin producing ethanol in the next 12 to 18 months, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2013 Report on the State of U.S. Ethanol Production. The lack of...
Under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, the marketers of a fuel additive called EnviroTabs will pay $800,000 for consumer redress and are prohibited from making false, misleading, or unsubstantiated claims that EnviroTabs, when added to any type of fuel, will increase fuel efficiency...
The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 58,234 refund checks to consumers who lost money to Green Millionaire, an online scam whose “free” book explained how to power cars and homes at no cost, and then billed them for an online magazine they never ordered.
The Federal Trade Commission closed its nine-month investigation into Tesoro Corporation’s acquisition of BP p.l.c.’s southern California marketing and refining assets, in particular BP’s Carson Refinery near Los Angeles. In a statement issued today, the Commission said the proposed acquisition is...
In response to requests from stakeholders, the Federal Trade Commission has reopened the public comment period, until April 1, 2013, on a recent proposal to update EnergyGuide label information and issue special labels for refrigerators and clothes washers to help consumers compare products in the...

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Reembolsos para las personas que compraron el aditivo para combustible llamado EnviroTabs

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The Federal Trade Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today announced that they signed an agreement to foster further cooperation between the two agencies by helping them share nonpublic information.

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The Federal Trade Commission maintains competition in the petroleum industry, and has invoked all the powers at its disposal – including the investigation of possible antitrust violations, the prosecution of cases, the preparation of studies, and advocacy before other government agencies – to...

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This conference, a follow-up to an initial conference on this subject in August 2001, sought to elicit information and views on major factors that affect the price of refined petroleum products and the relative importance of each.

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