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The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) spells out rights for victims of identity theft, as well as responsibilities for businesses. Identity theft victims are entitled to ask businesses for a copy of transaction records — such as applications for credit — relating to the theft of their...
When is a tenant background screening company a “consumer reporting agency”?
When is an employment background screening company a “consumer reporting agency”?
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INTRODUCTION If you use consumer reports (sometimes called “credit reports”) to make credit decisions, you have legal obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, known as the FCRA and the Risk-Based Pricing Rule. In particular:
INTRODUCTION ACCURACY Guidelines for Policies and Procedures Correct and Update Information Furnishing Specific Items DISPUTES Disputes to CRAs Disputes to Furnishers ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES
Your company has job vacancies to fill. You're also thinking about promoting some employees from within the company. You've winnowed down the stack of applications and resumes and want to run background checks through a third party company who is in the business of compiling...
In an effort to protect the privacy of consumer information and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, a federal rule is requires businesses to take appropriate measures to dispose of sensitive information derived from consumer reports.
You’re looking at housing applicants or deciding whether to renew a current tenant’s lease.  You decide to run a tenant background check through a company that compiles background information.  These tenant background checks can include a variety of information, including rental and...