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Interested business people are making tracks to the FTC’s workshop today on cross-device tracking. Can’t make it to Washington? Then watch the webcast.
Quick:  How many connected devices do your customers have within arm’s reach right now? For a lot of them, the answer is (at minimum) a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, a connected TV, and a wearable gadget. What are the consumer protection implications when...
If you couldn’t make it to Washington to attend the FTC workshop Follow the Lead, watching the webcast is the next best thing – and it starts at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, October 30, 2015. We’re bringing together industry members, consumer advocates, researchers, law...
If the Commission is to attain the objectives Congress envisioned, it cannot be required to confine its road block to the narrow lane the transgressor has traveled; it must be allowed effectively to close all roads to the prohibited goal, so that its order may not be bypassed with...
If you have new research you’d like to present at PrivacyCon – the FTC’s January 14, 2016, national conference to explore trends in data security and consumer privacy – we need to hear from you by midnight tonight.
The FTC has gone to court hundreds of times to stop allegedly misleading weight loss claims and Roca Labs’ “gastric bypass alternative” promises are no exception. But other parts of the complaint – including a count challenging the defendants’ use of consumer gag clauses as an unfair...

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The Federal Trade Commission has announced the final agenda for its upcoming workshop on the practice of tracking consumers across Internet-connected devices for advertising and marketing purposes and related consumer protection issues.
On Oct. 25, FTC Chairwoman Ramirez joined representatives from several agencies, which are members of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), in signing an MOU among users of the new information-sharing system, called GPEN Alert.
In testimony before Congress today, the Federal Trade Commission provided feedback on proposed legislation to address privacy and security concerns around the growth of so-called “connected cars.”
"We are reviewing the European Court of Justice's opinion and evaluating its implications. We share the commitment of our EU counterparts to protect consumers' personal information and privacy. The Federal Trade Commission has worked closely with the Department of Commerce and our European...
In testimony before Congress today, the Federal Trade Commission provided feedback on proposed reforms to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The Federal Trade Commission’s first Start with Security Conference will take place tomorrow, Sept. 9, in San Francisco. The event, which is bringing together top security experts to provide information to startups and app developers, is being hosted and co-sponsored by the University of...

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FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez will participate in a panel on “Tour du Monde: Looking Forward” at the 37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 11:55 am CEST.
FTC Commissioner Julie Brill will be a featured speaker in the panel presentation on “How to Put the Individual in Control” at the 37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9:00 am CEST.
FTC Commissioner Julie Brill will participate in a keynote fireside chat on the Internet of Things at the CMS Passcode event. 325 7th Street NW, Suite 1000, Washington DC, 9 a.m. EDT.
With more than a million annual cyber-attacks, consumers are encouraged to join a live Twitter chat, hosted by the National Credit Union Administration, to learn more on how to protect themselves from these threats.

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