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No – nobody is really suggesting a block on kids. But the FTC is taking a fresh look at the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule and we couldn’t resist the title’s reference to 90s tweens’ favorite boy band, now parents themselves. For years we’ve been “Hangin’ Tough” about the...
Kids love to play dress-up, but parents wouldn’t want them rummaging through the attic or climbing to the top shelf of the wardrobe without permission and proper supervision. The i-Dressup.com website offered users – including children – a virtual way to play dress-up and design...
Looking to take a deep dive into the breadth and depth of the FTC’s approach to consumer privacy and data security in the past year? The FTC’s website, including the Business Center, has what you need. But what if you or your clients prefer an at-your-fingertips digest of developments...

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In light of continued rapid changes in technology, the Federal Trade Commission is seeking comment on the effectiveness of the amendments the agency made to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA Rule) in 2013 and whether additional changes are needed.
The Federal Trade Commission testified today before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce about its efforts to effectively protect consumers and promote competition, while anticipating and responding to changes in the marketplace.
Three dating apps have been removed from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play Store following allegations by the Federal Trade Commission that the apps allowed children as young as 12 to access them and appeared to be in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and...
The operators of an online rewards website and a dress-up games website have separately agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission allegations that they failed to take reasonable steps to secure consumers’ data, which allowed hackers to breach both websites.

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The Federal Trade Commission will host a public workshop on October 7, 2019 to explore whether to update the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

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