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In Amazon’s Appstore, many apps geared toward kids prompted them to use fictitious currency, like a “boatload of doughnuts” or a “can of stars,” as part of game play. But a federal district court recently agreed with the FTC that Amazon’s practice of charging cold, hard cash for...
Everyone has a job hunting horror story. Ours is the rejection letter we got on a Friday for a job interview scheduled for the following Monday. But a job interview that’s really just a sales pitch, often conducted by software designed to mimic a real person? A lawsuit against Gigats...
Please don’t tell the other entries in the Code of Federal Regulations – we wouldn’t want to stir up jealousies – but Business Blog readers have probably detected our fondness for 16 C.F.R. § 304.
We’ve all seen seething consumers – or been seething consumers – who learned that a prominently advertised offer didn’t reflect what they would actually have to pay. Playing fast and loose with price is a sure-fire way to put shoppers’ wallets in lock-down mode. That’s why savvy...
If companies market their products as “all natural” or “100% natural,” consumers have a right to take them at their word. That’s the message of four proposed FTC settlements and one just-issued administrative complaint challenging the allegedly deceptive use of those phrases in ads...
Today, we’re turning the table on some healthcare professionals. Don’t worry. We’re not asking an anesthesiologist to count back from ten, or even telling an ENT to say “ah.” We’re offering an eye exam for eye doctors:
What do you call an agency that in one year can report consumer protection accomplishments as varied as:
It’s a fetching frock with spaghetti straps, an engineered paisley print, and an asymmetrical hemline.
It’s a phrase you see every now and then in announcements about FTC settlements: “The order includes a $___  judgment, which has been partially suspended based on the defendants’ inability to pay.” What happens if it turns out the defendants weren’t telling the truth about their...
The FTC says a distance learning company failed the truthful advertising test by marketing its high school “diploma” as equivalent to a diploma from a traditional high school and claiming it could lead to better jobs, higher pay, and acceptance at schools of higher education...

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El personal de la Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC, por su sigla en inglés) ha enviado 45 cartas a profesionales que prescriben lentes de contacto y a 10 vendedores de lentes de contacto advirtiéndoles la posi
Federal Trade Commission staff has sent 45 letters to contact lens prescribers and 10 to contact lens sellers warning them of potential violations of the agency’s

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