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At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court judge in Florida has issued a contempt order against Bryon Wolf and Roy Eliasson, two key individuals who operated a deceptive marketing scheme since 2009.
The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Office of the Attorney General will hold a press conference on Monday, January 13, 2014, at 10:30 am ET in Orlando, Florida, to announce a joint law enforcement action against an operation that allegedly used illegal robocalls to trick senior consumers...
At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a U.S. district court has temporarily shut down a telemarketing operation that allegedly targeted Hispanic consumers with false promises that they could make money by reselling high-end goods such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren, and then charged them between $...
The Federal Trade Commission published a biennial report to Congress focusing on the use of the Do Not Call Registry by both consumers and businesses over the past two years. The report also highlights how the FTC is responding to new technologies that have increased the number of illegal...
After reviewing the public comments received on a December 2010 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the caller identification (Caller ID) requirements of the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), as well as technical presentations at the FTC’s 2012 Robocall Summit, the...
The Federal Trade Commission today issued the National Do Not Call Registry Data Book for Fiscal Year 2013. The FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry lets consumers choose not to receive telemarketing calls. In its fifth year of publication, the Data Book contains a wealth of information about the...
At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal court has ordered a Canadian telemarketer and four companies he owns to pay more than $5.1 million to American and Canadian consumers who were duped into paying hundreds of dollars based on false claims that the defendants had buyers lined up...
The final six of 10 defendants named in an alleged “Rachel from Cardholder Services” scam have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they misled consumers with bogus claims that they would lower their credit card interest rates.
The Federal Trade Commission is mailing refund checks to consumers in America and Canada who were victimized by a fraudulent telemarketing operation that used pre-recorded calls, or robocalls, to pitch phony credit card interest rate reduction programs.
The Federal Trade Commission has moved to shut down a medical discount scheme that scammed seniors across the country by offering phony discounts on prescription drugs and pretending to be affiliated with Medicare, Social Security, or medical insurance providers.
The Federal Trade Commission will host a workshop on December 4, 2013 in Washington, DC to examine the practice of blending advertisements with news, entertainment, and other content in digital media, referred to as “native advertising” or “sponsored content.” 
The Federal Trade Commission has continued its crackdown on illegal robocallers, with two more companies agreeing to settle charges that they used prerecorded calls to trick consumers into deceptive credit card interest rate reduction scams.
The defendants behind an alleged credit card interest rate reduction scam are banned from selling debt relief services and from telemarketing any goods or services.

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