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Changes to the Rule go into effect October 16, 2020. The Federal Trade Commission enforces the Contact Lens Rule (amended in 2020), which requires eye care providers to give customers copies of their prescriptions.
The Federal Trade Commission enforces the Eyeglass Rule. It requires eye doctors — ophthalmologists and optometrists — to give patients a copy of their prescription – whether they ask for it or not.  It’s the law. Here are questions and answers to help you comply with the Eyeglass...
Start with Security: A Guide for Business offers tips for any business wanting to implement sound data security. For health app developers, here’s tailored advice and additional questions to ask.
What Are the Laws? Which Laws Apply to My Mobile Heath App? Glossary
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has prepared this guidance on marketing Lasik and alternative laser refractive procedures, known as “surface ablation techniques,” for eye care providers. It explains the requirements of Section 5 of the FTC Act that apply to the promotion of these...
Changes to the Rule go into effect October 16, 2020.
I. IntroductionII. Application of FTC Law to Dietary Supplement Advertising
The Partnership: A coalition composed of representatives from science, academia, the health care professions, government, commercial enterprises, and organizations promoting the public interest. Mission: To promote sound guidance to the general public on strategies for achieving and...