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Last week, I spoke about a topic that has attracted a lot of popular interest in antitrust enforcement lately—vertical merger enforcement. We view vertical mergers as an important part of the FTC’s enforcement agenda. However, it is true that, relative to horizontal mergers, vertical...

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Broadcom Limited has agreed to establish a firewall to remedy the FTC’s concerns that its proposed $5.9 billion acquisition of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. is anticompetitive.

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The Federal Trade Commission plans to hold a one-day public workshop to examine developments in the health care sector relating to “clinical integration” among health care providers. Clinical integration is a term used to describe certain types of collaborations among otherwise...

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In testimony today before a U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee the Federal Trade Commission detailed its work on behalf of consumers in protecting competition in three key sectors of the economy – health care, technology, and energy.
To promote transparency in merger enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission released an updated staff report on the agency’s major investigations of horizontal mergers. The update adds four more years of data to the agency’s previous report, which was issued in 2008. Horizontal mergers involve two...