You may be eligible to participate in a redress program that was established pursuant to a settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and Wade Cook Financial Corporation and Wade Cook Seminars, Inc. To establish your eligibility, you must complete the accompanying PROOF OF CLAIM, and mail it no later than [date] to FTC Redress Program, P.O. Box xxxx, Seattle, WA 98104.

In order to receive a redress payment, you must document your trading record if you traded using the strategies taught at the Wall Street Workshop and are seeking a refund under this redress program. Documentation may be in the form of photocopies of brokerage statements or tax returns or other documents that show how much money you earned or lost trading using the strategies taught at the Wall Street Workshop during the first twelve months following attendance at the Wall Street Workshop. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. All records that you submit will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

If your address has changed please write your correct address on the PROOF OF CLAIM. If your name has changed, or you are the executor of an estate or are handling this claim on behalf of someone else, please return the PROOF OF CLAIM with copies of documentation supporting the change. Supporting documents would include, but not be limited to, a copy of a marriage certificate, power of attorney, or appointment as executor.