Statement of Commissioner Mozelle W. Thompson

In the Matter of MSC.Software
Docket No. 9299

The Commission has made final a consent agreement to resolve the Commission's administrative complaint against MSC.Software. I voted to accept the agreement; however, I am concerned that industry and the private bar do not mistakenly make too much of the fact that the Commission did not require an up-front buyer for this licensing divestiture.

As a general rule, the Commission is more likely to require that parties present up-front buyers for assets when divesting less than an ongoing business. In this unique case, however, the Commission decided to resolve its concerns about MSC.Software's two consummated acquisitions by accepting an order requiring a prompt divestiture to restore lost competition, instead of potentially delaying relief further by first forcing MSC.Software to negotiate an asset sale to a potential buyer. The Commission makes such remedial assessments on a case-by-case basis, and such assessments would likely vary between relief proscribed for consummated mergers and relief for mergers prior to their consummation under Hart-Scott-Rodino reviews - the vast majority of Commission merger work. I am comfortable with the remedial action in this particular instance because the Commission has fully vetted the divestiture package's market acceptability with industry incumbents. Thus, I am fully confident that the asset package will function successfully in the marketplace and facilitate viable competition.