Ceridian Corporation
Docket No. C-3933

The Commission has determined to issue, with certain modifications, a final consent order against Ceridian Corporation in connection with its acquisitions of NTS, Inc. and Trendar Corporation. We reached this decision after careful and thorough consideration of the public comments received and discussions with industry representatives.

Based on the evidence currently before us, we believe that this order provides the most appropriate relief available. The investigation that led to this order began after the two transactions were consummated and Ceridian had already integrated its networks and the acquired businesses. Consequently, in lieu of some alternative form of relief, we chose to accept the current order -- which requires that Ceridian provide access and licensing to its networks -- to offset the loss of competition occasioned by the acquisitions.

We remain concerned, however, about the complexity of the behavioral remedy required in this case. Thus, we will review the effectiveness of the remedy over the next few years in light of evolving industry conditions and, as we do for all of our orders, we will carefully monitor Ceridian's compliance with this order.