Attachment A


[To Be Printed on Arthritis Pain Care Center letterhead]


Dear [distributor's name]:

The owners of Arthritis Pain Care Center settled a civil dispute with the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") on involving advertising claims for our cetylmyristoleate (CMO) products. As a part of the settlement, we must make sure that you comply with the FTC order.

Our settlement with the FTC prohibits us from making unsubstantiated claims for any health-related product or program. Please see the attached FTC Complaint and Agreement Containing Consent Order for detailed information. We request your assistance by asking you NOT to use, rely on or distribute any advertising or promotional materials containing unsubstantiated claims and NOT to make unsubstantiated oral representations. Please also notify any of your retail or wholesale customers to do the same. If you or your retail or wholesale customers use such materials or make such representations in the future, we are required by the FTC settlement to stop doing business with you and to inform the FTC of your activities.

In addition, the FTC requires us to ensure that advertising and promotional materials and claims for any product or program covered by this order are in compliance with the FTC settlement requirements. Please see Part VIII of the enclosed Agreement Containing Consent Order for detailed information.

Although we do not admit that the FTC's allegations are true, we have agreed to send this letter as a part of our settlement with the FTC. At the present time, we do not sell CMO products.

Thank you very much for your assistance,

Melinda Sneed and
John Sneed