Statement of Commissioner Orson Swindle

in The Matter of Intel Corporation
Docket No. 9288

As is already widely known, one of the Federal Trade Commission's most significant antitrust adjudications in years was resolved on the eve of trial with the signing of a consent agreement by complaint counsel and respondent Intel Corporation. A hospitalization for major surgery since March 5 has precluded me for the present from considering the settlement of this important case on its merits. I would have strongly preferred to have been able to evaluate it and to participate in the Commission's vote.

Nevertheless, I fully expect to have an opportunity to formulate and communicate my views on the consent agreement, and I anticipate issuing those views -- as an aid to public comment on the settlement -- as soon as possible during the 60-day comment period. When my statement is ready for issuance, I will ask the Commission's Office of Public Affairs to release it and will also post it on the Commission's website (