By First Class Mail, Postage Prepaid and Address Correction Requested

[To be printed on American College for Advancement in Medicine letterhead]


Dear [recipient]:

ACAM has agreed to settle a civil dispute with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) involving information we disseminated to the public about chelation therapy. A copy of the complaint and order is enclosed. The FTC alleged that we did not have a reasonable basis for certain statements we made concerning the efficacy of chelation therapy as a treatment for atherosclerosis. The FTC also alleged that we misrepresented that chelation therapy had been proven to be effective in treating atherosclerosis. The complaint and consent agreement in this matter address issues raised by certain statements that we made in promotional brochures and other materials that were distributed to the public. The Commission’s action should not be construed to regulate how doctors use or prescribe drugs in the course of treating their patients or other choice of therapy issues.

Although we do not admit that the FTC’s allegations are true, we have agreed not to make unsubstantiated claims, not to misrepresent the implications of any tests or studies, and to send this letter as part of our settlement with FTC. Individual members of ACAM, when acting in their individual capacities, are not parties to this settlement. Nevertheless, the FTC has advised that if you disseminate advertising or promotional materials that contain unsubstantiated claims for the efficacy of chelation therapy in treating diseases of the human circulatory system, or that make misrepresentations about any tests or studies, you could be subject to investigation and possible enforcement action by the FTC.

Sincerely yours,