Economic Reports

Bureau of Economics Reports: Major, published reports, usually containing original research and entailing a substantial commitment of resources, concerning an issue of current policy interest or of long term impact on Federal Trade Commission antitrust or consumer protection missions. Includes Bureau of Economics staff reports as well as FTC and staff reports produced jointly with other Commission Bureaus and Offices.

The more recent Economic Reports are offered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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Competition Among Hospitals

Monica Noether

Hospital price and expense data for 1978-79 are examined to identify the effects of competition. The results imply that a reduction in market concentration results in an increase in both price and...

Restrictions on Dental Auxiliaries

J. Nellie Liang and Jonathan Ogur

Examines empirically the effects of various state restrictions on the number and use of dental hygienists and assistants. Concludes that relaxation of restrictions on the number of hygienists that...