Do Not Call Registry Data Book 2018: Complaint Figures for FY 2018

FY 2018 Complaints by Topic*

*Not everyone who files a complaint reports a topic.

Bar chart of Do Not Call complaints by topic in fiscal year 2018. The topic with the most complaints was reducing debt with 641,734 robocalls and 87,632 from live callers. Second was medical and prescriptions with 340,439 robocalls and 101,020 from live callers. Third was imposters with 315,245 robocalls and 77,432 from live callers. Fourth was vacation and timeshares with 120,212 robocalls and 37,044 from live callers. Fifth was computer and technical support with 85,876 robocalls and 53,165 from live callers. Note: not everyone who files a complaint reports a topic.

FY 2018 Complaints by Call Type

Pie chart of Do Not Call complaints by Call Type in fiscal year 2018. The largest portion was robocall at 3,790,614, followed by live caller at 1,894,327, and call type not reported at 95,231.

FY 2018 Complaints by Month

Bar chart of fiscal year 2018 complaints by month, beginning in October 2017 and ending in September 2018, and showing number of robocalls and live callers. October: 434,382 complaints - 267,121 robocalls and 160,136 live callers; November: 422,784 complaints - 266,448 robocalls and 149,543 live callers; December: 361,859 complaints - 229,747 robocalls and 126,110 live callers; January: 439,255 complaints - 277,461 robocalls and 154,608 live callers; February: 481,533 complaints - 307,544 robocalls and 166,369 live callers; March: 508,748 complaints - 326,772 robocalls and 173,516 live callers; April: 503,483 complaints - 329,698 robocalls and 165,212 live callers; May: 575,086 complaints - 393,343 robocalls and 172,867 live callers; June: 518,042 complaints - 354,663 robocalls and 155,039 live callers; July: 507,270 complaints - 345,222 robocalls and 153,503 live callers; August: 537,139 complaints - 358,642 robocalls and 169,033 live callers; September: 490,591 complaints - 333,953 robocalls and 148,391 live callers.

The total includes complaints about robocalls, complaints about live callers, and complaints where the call type was not reported. The number of calls where a call type was not reported is relatively small every month. The full data, as well as complaints reporting that the consumer asked the entity to stop calling, is available at