Do Not Call Registry Data Book 2017: Complaint Figures for FY 2017

FY 2017 Complaints by Topic*

*Not everyone who files a complaint reports a topic.

Bar chart of Do Not Call complaints by topic in fiscal year 2017. The topic with the most complaints was reducing debt, of which 771,158 were robocalls and 90,100 were from a live caller. Second was vacation & timeshare, of which 235,678 were robocalls and 66,993 were from a live caller. Third was warranties & protection plans, of which 223,119 were robocalls and 51,403 were from a live caller. Note: not everyone who files a complaint reports a topic.

FY 2017 Complaints by Call Type

Pie chart of Do Not Call complaints by Call Type in fiscal year 2017. The largest portion is robocall at 4,501,967, followed by live caller at 2,563,08, and call type not reported at 92,322.

FY 2017 Complaints by Month

Bar chart of fiscal year 2017 complaints by month, beginning in October 2016 and ending in September 2017, and showing number of robocalls and live callers. October: 368,586 complaints - 218,897 robocalls and 143,798 live callers; November: 341,351 complaints - 196,978 robocalls and 139,321 live callers; December: 343,969 complaints - 203,863 robocalls and 135,323 live callers; January: 537,038 complaints - 330,264 robocalls and 199,792 live callers; February: 602,592 complaints - 368,972 robocalls and 225,687 live callers; March: 627,649 complaints - 379,477 robocalls and 239,057 live callers; April: 652,342 complaints - 408,031 robocalls and 235,288 live callers; May: 659,101 complaints - 418,060 robocalls and 232,017 live callers; June: 727,562 complaints - 471,256 robocalls and 247,529 live callers; July: 939,002 complaints - 614,951 robocalls and 315,625 live callers; August: 926,308 complaints - 622,692 robocalls and 293,367 live callers; September: 431,870 complaints - 268,526 robocalls and 156,277 live callers.

The total includes complaints about robocalls, complaints about live callers, and complaints where the call type was not reported. The number of calls where a call type was not reported is relatively small every month. The full data, as well as complaints reporting that the consumer asked the entity to stop calling, is available at The FTC identified a technical problem with complaint submissions that resulted in artificially high complaint counts in July and August. The FTC addressed the issue, and September’s figures reflect the adjustment.