Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2017: Visual Snapshot

Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2017 Snapshot. 2.7 million reports. Top three categories: 1. Debt collection; 2. Identity theft; 3.	Imposter scams.
Of 1.1 million fraud reports, 21% reported a loss. $905 million total fraud losses; $429 median loss. Younger people reported losing money to fraud more often than older people. 
40% of reports from people age 20-29 reported a loss; 18% of reports from people age 70+ reported a loss. But when people aged 70+ had a loss, the median loss was much higher.
Median loss $400 for age 20-29; median loss $621 for age 70-79; median loss $1,092 for age 80+. Imposter scam reports: 1 in 5 people lost money to a reported imposter scam. $328 million reported lost; $500 median loss. Identity theft reports: Credit card fraud increased 23% from 2016. Tax fraud decreased 46% from 2016. Federal Trade Commission.